Christmas Sliding Puzzle  
  Get into the Christmas spirit while trying to re-arrange the Christmas ornament image in this fun and challenging holiday game.

Lucky Seven Slot Machine  
  Hope that lady luck is on your side while you play Lucky Seven Slot machine game. This game saves your credits to the Flash Island casino database so you can switch casino games and play with your earned credits.

Video Poker  
  Are you feeling lucky today? Try out your luck and a little skill while playing this free video poker game. Your credits are saved each time you play, so you can come back again and play where you left off!

Christmas Memory  
  Test your memory while getting in the holiday spirit! Watch the holiday light bulbs light up in a specific order. Try to remember the sequence they lit up in by click on each light.

Spooky Scratch & Win Game  
  Place a bet and scratch off the card by clicking and dragging your mouse. Match three alike symbols to win!

Flash Island Miniature Golf  
  Putt your ball through 9 unique themed holes, from moving cars, juicy fruit, and even wild west hole. Play with one or two players.

Jigsaw Puzzle Game  
  Try to assemble the jigsaw puzzle as fast as you can! Only the top 50 scores will be placed on the high score table.

Memory Game  
  Play the classic game of memory as you try to match alike cards. This game can be customized with your company's logo and images of your products.

Kick It King!  
  Use your mouse to 'kick' the ball by clicking on it. Try and keep the ball in the air as long as you can to become the kick it king!

  Move the falling blocks to group blocks of the same color to remove them. Try and clear the screen to move on to the next level. But watch out! The more levels you complete, the faster the blocks will fall!

Image Shuffler  
  Try and piece the picture back together after it's been broken up in 25 squares and shuffled all over the screen! But wait...there's a time limit! How many levels can you beat before the time runs out?

Bird Brain Memory Game  
  How good is your memory? Find out by playing this melodic memory game! Try to remember the sequence in which the birds sing, then to try and repeat it!


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